Unhappy patients could cut funding for GPs

Practices that have latched on to a new voluntary GP contract may find themselves financially out of pocket if patients are unhappy, a report says.

Six areas of England are piloting the “new models of care”, and may be subject to financial penalties if they cannot improve local population health.

One area currently under trial – NHS Dudley CCG – has launched the first public consultation on its new multispecialty community provider (MCP) contract, which shows that 10 per cent of funding will be influenced by health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

It further reveals that penalties will be issued for missing healthcare targets.

The new voluntary contract is only available for MCPs, and will be rolled out by GPs that provide primary and secondary care services to areas with a population of 30,000 or more.

“[The practice] will have a part of its funding allocated by the CCG based on its achievement in the following areas: how satisfied patients are with the MCP services, the health outcomes for patients using MCP services, and the general health of the local population”, reads the NHS Dudley CCG consultation document.

The various outcomes include cutting referral waiting times for services, increased monitoring for people with diabetes and heart diseases, improved end of life care coordination and reducing rates of smoking and obesity. 

MCPs were introduced to act as a “new single organisation”, responsible for incorporating local GP practices, nurses, community health and mental health services, social care, hospital specialists and others to provide “integrated out of hospital healthcare”.

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